About Us

Hello! I'm Gabriela, the founder of Organic Fabric Company .  Organic Fabric Company was founded in sunny San Diego, California in 2016 and now calls the mountains of Utah "home".
I'm so glad you stopped by! We carry everything from organic cotton, linen, upcycled wool scraps, and hemp. Our fabrics come from all over the world and are 100% organic.  We also proudly carry many independent patterns in both paper and digital forms.
As a life-long fabric enthusiast and seamstress and it's important to me to offer eco-friendly, sustainable fabric options without the confusion of sorting through pages of conventionally grown cotton products.  I started this company because I couldn't find stores that sold a variety of organic fabric materials. I also had a passion for fiber arts and wanted to offer more options for people who share my passion.

Having a growing family of my own, I've have come to learn the value of organic and low-tox living, and seek to extend this to every aspect of my family's lives--especially textiles.  I choose all of our fabric with love, thought, and the end consumer in mind.  Each print I choose represents a piece of who we are and the beauty I see in the world.  We made a big decision to leave the busy city for the beautiful mountains of Utah and now run business from there.

What we wear and what we make is an important part of our lives, both physically and emotionally. We want our handicrafts to reflect our values: human health and the environment matter!

Organic Fabric Company has been featured in HGTV magazine as well as San Diego Voyager.

Join the many sewists who love our soft, beautiful, vibrant organic fabrics; we are sure you will love them too!

Together, let's change the textile industry--one yard at a time!Save