The Latest News from Organic Fabric Company (Coupon code inside!)

The Latest News from Organic Fabric Company (Coupon code inside!)

Hello Friends!

It's been almost forever since my last email!  I have so much news to share with you all, but I will try to keep it all short and sweet.  

In the Summer of 2020, we had to close down our lovely storefront and moved into a temporary location while waiting for local restrictions to be lifted while keeping an eye out for a new location to become available.  After an additional year of restrictions coming and going and coming back again, our goal of securing a new location in San Diego seemed to be unrealistic. 

In the Spring of 2021, we began to look to move outside of the county and again began to look for a new possible storefront location.  Every possible option fell through for one reason or another and then were followed by more restrictions on small businesses. 

By the Summer of 2021, we had realized that our businesses could not be sustained where we were and decided to sell our home and look out of state. 


In the Autumn, we moved to Utah, about an hour south of Salt Lake City.  It has been a fantastic move, but packing and unpacking a shop multiple times is so much work and such a mess!  I have been sorting through all of my inventory and working on uploading new product (new things are being added daily!), so keep an eye out!  

Now, the most exciting thing for me in all of this chaos was the welcoming of my newest baby, Theodora!  She was born in March of 2022 and is a month old now.

If you were able to get through all of those words, you deserve a coupon code!  I'm so excited about all of these new changes and excited to get back to playing with beautiful fabric and seeing what you all create!  

Use code: UPDATE20 for 20% off ALL items through the end of April.

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Congratulations. Theodora is precious:)

Diane Beavers

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