Opening Soon

Thank you for vising Organic Fabric Company! We are the the middle of physically moving our shop into a new state! Our shop is currently password protected, but you are still welcome to shop. If you'd like to enter the store, please use the password "movingsale" in the top right corner. By entering the store, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth. Items may have substantial delays as we unpack all of our fixtures first and then merchandise. Some items may become unavailable due to loss or damage during transit. If any items you order are no longer available, items will be refunded or you will be contacted to choose a replacement (at our discretion). All sales are final and cannot be cancelled due to delays. We will do our best to have your items out as quickly as possible, but the unpacking will take time, especially for orders with products packed in different trucks. You can use this same code (MOVINGSALE) as a coupon code at checkout for 20% off all orders of $100+. Once our shop is re-inventoried and good to go under normal operation, we will be sending out an email. Thank you all for your continued support! With love and gratitude, Gaby