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The Outdoors Collection Organic Cloth Pantyliners

The Outdoors Collection Organic Cloth Pantyliners

Wingless Pantyliner

Brand: Psalm Baby

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Measuring at a 9 inch length, this pack of cloth pantiliners is perfect for any woman of any age! Great as a backup for a cup, for incontinence, or just regular healthy discharge. These cloth liners are made of one layer of organic printed cotton lined with polyester fleece.  Although this seems to be very thin and without any absorbency, you will be surprised at how much these little champs can hold!  Because they are made without PUL, they will not delaminate, will last for years, and can even be layered!

No more worries from sneezing, dancing, or a cup that runneth over! These beautiful liners are eco-friendly and help prevent stains and can be easily changed instead of having to change an entire pair of panties.

+ Care +
Rinse in cold water then wash with your favorite eco-friendly detergent and enzymes and dry hot.

Questions about cloth liners? Just send me a message!

+So what makes Psalm Baby products so special?+

Two words: Craftsmanship and Materials.

Psalm Baby products are all lovingly handmade from in sunny San Diego, California. Psalm Baby has been in business for over 10 years and takes pride in crafting stunning, functional diapers and natural baby goods.  The quality of materials used are second to none.

Disclaimer: These liners are not a medical device and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


9" length

Material Composition

Organic Cotton, Poly Fleece

Care information

Rinse in cold water then wash with your favorite eco-friendly detergent and enzymes and dry hot.

Country of Origin

Handmade in USA

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