Collection: Stretch Cottons

Stretch cottons are perfect for leggings, tops, dresses, swaddles, hats, rompers, and so much more!  They have primary stretch on the cross grain (across the fabric).  Jersey knit is typically lighter in weight than interlock knit.  Jersey is often used for t-shirts and rolls toward the right-side of the fabric when cut and then stretched.  Interlock knit is usually used for leggings and does not roll after being cut.  Some of our knits are 100% cotton while others have up to 6% lycra/spandex (check individual listings).  Lycra allows the fabric to have better recovery after being stretched, however some people prefer their knits to be made from 100% cotton.  These will recover after being washed.

Ribbed knits are often used for neck lines, at the wrists, ankles, and waist on apparel.  It has a knit/purl pattern allowing for maximum stretch and recovery.